10 MCU Scenes Everyone Wishes They Could Unsee

Eternals' passionless sex scene was so damn awkward.

Eternals movie
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't only the most popular movie IP in history, it's also shockingly consistent for the most part. Sure, there have been a few misfires - Thor: The Dark World, looking at you - but even their worst offerings to date have hardly been terrible.

Yet that doesn't mean there haven't been individual scenes that left fans recoiling in horror and wincing in agony, questioning why the filmmakers went there and made that choice.

Even the very best MCU films have been guilty of serving up single awful moments that basically everybody wishes they never had to witness. We can't un-see or de-remember them, sadly, though the memory will hopefully fade with time.

From pathetic romantic moments to hideous CGI fight scenes, gross sex jokes, and everything in-between, these are the MCU scenes that bring nothing meaningful to the table and only cause everyone watching to feel second-hand embarrassment for one reason or another.

On repeat viewings these are the moments a lot of fans will simply fast-forward past, serving as potent reminders that even the towering MCU is far from a perfect, infallible enterprise...

10. Cap Kisses Sharon Carter - Captain America: Civil War

Eternals movie
Marvel Studios

Captain America: Civil War may have largely delivered on the promises of a superhero slug-fest between Team Cap and Team Iron Man, but it also gave fans something they really didn't need to see: Cap (Chris Evans) playing tonsil hockey with Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp).

Sharon Carter is the niece of Steve Rogers' age-old love interest Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), who dies of Alzheimer's disease early in the film and is mourned by Steve and Sharon at her funeral.

Sharon has a relatively small role in the film as a CIA agent who poses as Steve's neighbour, yet ahead of the iconic airport fight the two share a somewhat awkward smooch while Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan) watch with glee.

Beyond the fact that this romance didn't feel remotely earned narratively, it also felt mildly icky seeing Cap macking on the niece of the woman he loved, and who he buried literally days earlier no less.

The fact that nothing more ever came of the kiss, and Cap ended up with Peggy in the past anyway, really underlines how utterly pointless an inclusion it was.

It felt like a studio-mandated decision, to have the hot actors kiss because they thought that's what mainstream audiences desperately want to see above all else.

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