10 MCU Storylines We’ll Never Get Closure On

The biggest cinematic franchise in history loves to leave plot threads dangling...


For a cinematic franchise selling itself on a shared universe where everything is connected, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is fraught with inconsistencies, plot holes and dangling storyline threads.

Part of that is a business issue, of course: for example, it has yet to be seen how Marvel’s recent divorce from Sony will affect Peter Parker, the child caught in the middle, or the cliffhanger that Spider-Man: Far From Home left the character on.

On the other hand, Netflix’s awkward split from Marvel Studios left the streaming giant no option but to announce the cancellation of every Netflix Marvel show - Daredevil, Jessica Jones, the lot. Reports indicate that Marvel Studios can’t legally revisit those properties on television for two years (although it’s not clear when that moratorium begins or ends).

Perhaps more importantly, Disney+ doesn’t allow for shows without a family-friendly remit, so any resurrection of the Netflix shows would need to be on a different platform - and the longer it goes, the less likely the various casts and crews will be available.

But there’s also the creative issue caused by the culmination of the Infinity Saga. Characters have died, and actors have moved on to other projects, leaving loose threads ready to unravel.

Here’s ten examples of the MCU storylines we’ll never get closure on - and just so you know, here be spoilers...


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