10 MCU Storylines We’ll Never Get Closure On

10. Luke Cage Is The Kingpin Of Harlem


Your mileage for this may vary depending on how much of a cliffhanger you believe season two of Luke Cage leaves us with.

By the climax of the season, crime boss Mariah Dillard was dead, poisoned by her daughter in prison, and Harlem was in chaos as other New York crime families rushed in to fill the void, only to violently bottleneck at the door.

To keep the fragile peace, Luke Cage - local hero and crimestopping vigilante - decided to add another string to his bow. Rather than keep fighting fires all over his home neighbourhood, he decided to take control of who set the fires and when: he became Harlem’s newest crime lord, potentially putting himself at odds with superpowered friends like Daredevil or Iron Fist.

That's a rationale oddly similar to the one used by Wilson Fisk: the Kingpin.

If you only know Cage from the Netflix shows, that’s the kind of storytelling that raises eyebrows, but little more. If you’re familiar with Cage from the comic books, you know him as one of the most righteous heroes in the Marvel Universe: a no-nonsense, upright man in a changing, changeable world.

For that man to make a decision like this is wildly out of character, and fans were on tenterhooks trying to figure out what might happen next.

The answer, of course, was a deafening nada: Netflix’s cancellation of the show alongside those of Cage’s fellow Defenders Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist put paid to any possibility of that story being resolved.


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