10 Mexican Horror Movies Every Horror Fan Should Watch

The best horror movies from south of the border.

Tigers Are Not Afraid
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Mexico has always been a land known for its many urban myths, legends and folklore that have all played a part in shaping its societies throughout the years. Tales are passed down from generation to generation, and even some of the most classic tales told throughout the world have been given their own twists when they arrive in Latin America.

As genre of film, horror in Mexico can really trace its popularity back to the '50s and '60s. Whilst it had enjoyed some notable releases such as Dos Monjes earlier than that, the bulk of Mexican cinema before had either been whimsical romantic flicks or more Western-themed titles that were popular in the US at the time.

But once horror did find its feet in mainstream society and began to receive more and more international recognition thanks to individuals such as K. Gordon Murray, it really began to carve out an identity of its own like none other.

Much of Mexican horror revolves around the legacy of ancient civilisations that used to rule the region, and the supernatural elements and curses that come from these times. With that in mind, here are 10 of the best Mexican horror movies every self-respecting horror fan should check out.

10. Cronos (1993)

Tigers Are Not Afraid
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Starring Federico Luppi and Ron Perlman and independently written and directed by future Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro in what was his first full length feature film, Cronos is movie that blurs the lines between the worlds of horror and drama.

The movie revolves around a man named Jesús Gris, a religious antique dealer who is injected with a solution which begins to transform him into a vampire-like creature. With the effects of the solution growing stronger and stronger, Cronos becomes a film about control with Gris having to battle all of his urges and call upon his love for his granddaughter to stop himself from feasting on her.

The man who would eventually go on to give the world the likes of The Devil's Backbone and Pan's Labyrinth is really in his creative swing here, with all of Cronos' gore beautifully balanced out with clever writing, a plethora of rich visuals and some truly memorable fantastical features.

Cronos has become one of the most acclaimed and famous foreign language horror movies ever made, with the movie making it into Time Out top 100 horror movies. And this isn't just some retrospective appreciation piggbacking off the success of its director, Cronos has some fabulous themes and a unique charm that stands out from other vampire stories released elsewhere in the world.


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