10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Freddy Krueger

8. He’s Been Spoofed By The Simpsons, Rick & Morty, South Park, Fresh Prince, And Saved By The Bell…

Freddy Krueger Album

Some of these prime-time spoofs are more famous than others (shout out to the stellar Treehouse of Horror segment featuring an irate Groundskeeper Willie recreating some of Freddy’s most memorable moments, from the same episode which gifted us with “Lousy Smarch weather”).

But almost every TV show in the nineties took a swipe at the razor-talon-ed horror icon due to his instant recognizability, with goofy parodies of the sneering villain popping up in the Spielberg-produced Tiny Toon Adventures and The Fresh Prince, where Will spooked Carlton via a Freddy costume.

Meanwhile a spoof of Springwood’s most infamous resident appeared alongside Jason Voorhees and Donald Trump in Saved By the Bell as contestants on Jesse’s nightmare dating show, where more recent adult animated comedy Rick and Morty reimagined the character as a copyright-free “Scary Terry”, who proved surprisingly chill once he got to know the eponymous duo.

And that’s not even mentioning his appearance as himself in South Park’s ambitious Imaginationland trilogy.


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