10 Mind-Blowing Times Horror Icons Fought Superheroes

9. Green Lanterns Vs Space Hannibal Lecter (Ampa Nnn)

Freddy Vs Stephen
Marvel Comics

There are precisely two major differences between Hannibal Lecter and the Yellow Lantern known as Ampa Nnn; that Ampa has a way cooler name, and that he does his serial killing mainly in space. That said, serial killers that remove and clean internal organs aren’t as common as you’d maybe think, so there is a pretty clear parallel between the two.

It's a parallel only increased by their run-ins with the law, as Ampa was part of the invasion on the Green Lantern planet, which is evil - in that Mogo is pretty much the only way the Green Lantern rings are distributed - but also kind of cool, because you have to be a bit of a badass to try and fight a sentient planet.

While there are some differences between Hannibal Lecter and Ampa Nnn, does this make us crave a similar horror film about the obscure blue alien serial killer any less? Not for a moment.


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