10 Misleading Movie Trailers That Scared You Off Amazing Movies

9. Raw

What The Trailer Sold You:

Gore! So much gore! Its gratuitous red band trailer made Raw look like When Carrie Met Hannibal, with a healthy dose of Cabin Fever thrown in for good measure. There's lots of blood, creepy sex, and some pretty graphic flesh chomping. For the squeamish or hemophobic, this movie is a must-skip.

What You Missed:

16-year-old Justine is a strict vegetarian who is forced to eat rabbit flesh as part of her veterinary school's sadistic hazing ritual. Naturally, she develops an insatiable hunger for human flesh, and things get out of hand. Fast.

But that's not the meat of the story. Anyone who's made it to the end credits can tell you this is really a very moving coming-of-age tale wrapped in some provocative symbolism. This is a film about adolescent fears, fitting in with new friends, and outgrowing the family unit. It's funny, smartly-written, and beautifully-acted.

And it just so happens to feature a scene in which the teenaged protagonist eats a finger.

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