10 Misleading Movie Trailers That Scared You Off Amazing Movies

10. Bridge To Terabithia

What The Trailer Sold You:

Like any movie from the plucky-kids-stumble-into-fantasy-adventures genre, Bridge To Terabithia's trailer really hammers home the corny, wide-eyed awesomeness of the strange new world we're being ushered through.

Released in 2007, it seems the director had spent two months locked in a closet watching Chronicles of Narnia and The Fellowship of the Ring on a laptop, and then regurgitated his memories of the binge onto film.

What You Missed:

The above description may sound harsh, but it's only because the trailer does such an incredible disservice to the originality and sincerity expressed by director Gabor Csupo in the actual movie. Bridge To Terabithia isn't quite a fantasy movie in the Narnia sense, but more an emotional escape as seen through the eyes of two lonely, lost children.

One habitually bullied preteen (Josh Hutcherson) finally gains an ally in the new kid at school (AnnaSophia Robb), and the two imagine their way through magical adventures in the woods. It's made clear this is really the only happiness they experience in their lives, so who cares that it's only happening in their heads?

Be forewarned, however, that Terabithia is unbearably heartbreaking at times, and is ultimately what separates it from the pack of similarly-marketed "family adventure" films.

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