10 Moments Of Star Wars Foreshadowing You Never Noticed

Specific Clone movements, a droid's trust issues, and much more have foreshadowed Star Wars moments.

Clone wars

The act of dropping a hint into an early entry in a franchise or stand-alone feature flick with the intention of having said information or moment either enhance or entirely factor into an incoming jaw-dropper of a beat, has been prevalent in the art of storytelling for an age.

And sensing the benefit in satisfying their passionate fanbase with many a seemingly unimportant development turning out to be much more vital than initially expected, Lucasfilm and (eventually) Disney have made a habit out of planting intriguing seeds into the fertile soil that is the Star Wars universe.

Yet, even some 40 years on from the first epic George Lucas space opera blasting into our lives, there are deliciously subtle tidbits that are still being discovered and appreciated from within this Skywalker-stuffed spectacular. So, buckle up, because we're about to dive head-first into those cheeky instances of future-teasing that managed to get past many fans' sensors completely undetected... until now!

From shadowy imagery setting the stage for the mother of all heel turns, to witty one-liners meaning much more in the grand scheme of things, these anything but throwaway Star Wars happenings are about to leave your Gungan tongue dangling off the floor.

10. A Final Goodbye Shows Flickers Of Light (And Darkness)

Clone wars

The fall of Anakin Skywalker into the menacing cyborg that is Darth Vader acted as the foundation of the entire Prequel series.

As such, a great many nods and teases towards his inevitably tragic fate were always destined to be laced into the trilogy, with the debuting of characters like General Grievous acting as clear tips of the cap to Skywalker's robotic future.

Yet, a moment of foreshadowing that was given a bit less spotlight - in a figurative sense, at least - went down during a seemingly throwaway exchange between master and apprentice partway through the third Episode.

In what would actually turn out to be the last conversation the pair would share before Anakin's decision to fully turn his back on the Order, the decision was clearly made to have the former be cloaked in shadow. While the future Ben can be seen basking in the daylight, giving us another visual hint at the difference in path the two were set to walk in the time that would follow.

And Kenobi's "Goodbye, old friend," also carries a ton more weight with said words being some of the last he'd speak to his padawan whilst fighting for the same side.

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