10 Moments Of Star Wars Foreshadowing You Never Noticed

9. Floating Leia Hints At The Supremacy's End

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Quite easily sitting as one of the most divisive Star Wars happenings ever to go down inside of a movie theatre, General Leia Organa's floating through space en-route back to her Resistance ship actually provided fans with a rather subtle wink at what The Last Jedi's climax would entail.

See, it was so much more than a one-time princess doing her best Mary Poppins impression!

As Leia makes her way back to her spacecraft on the back of being blasted into the darkness of space by the enemy, eagle-eyed fans would've spotted the iconic character cutting straight through a hologram of First Order super-ship, The Supremacy.

Far more than just a sweet shot, though, this return to an oxygenated space actually signalled what would be on the horizon for said terrifying ship, with Vice-Admiral Holdo eventually sacrificing herself by driving the Resistance's vehicle directly through the heart of The Supremacy in a visually compelling dealing of a fatal blow to The First Order.

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