10 Moments That Literally Stopped Movies

9. The Trio Visits New York - Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

Thanks Giving Eli Roth

At the end of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's second act, director George Roy Hill effectively gives audiences a most uncommon treat - an unofficial intermission.

When Butch (Paul Newman), Sundance (Robert Redford), and Etta (Katharine Ross) head for Bolivia, we're treated to a three-minute, sepia-toned montage of the trio heading across the U.S. via New York.

Though it's a fun sequence which gives a greater sense of the focal characters and their place in the world, it's tough to call it necessary, especially considering that, due to budgetary constraints, it consists entirely of still photographs and nothing else.

Given that it's basically sandwiched between scenes of the heroes departing for and arriving in Bolivia and contains not a single scrap of plot information, it can be easily missed without harming the viewing experience at all, as gorgeous as it is.

With those three minutes, you've got time to hit the head and grab a snack on the way back. Purists might decry you for doing so, but it's a rare montage in a movie that feels truly optional. After all, can you imagine many movies trying to get away with this today?


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