10 MORE Awesome Movie Monsters Only In One Scene

Here for a good time, not a long time.

Mother Longlegs Kong Skull Island

Monsters are the bread and butter of the film world. Whether they're evil humans turned against their own kind or fantastical beasts from across the galaxy, creating believable transformative entities is part and parcel of delivering a proper film experience.

But really, whilst the whole human evil angle is interesting and all, the fantastical beasts from across the galaxy - or another dimension, or from under the sea, or wherever the hell they like, we're not picky - are definitely the most exciting.

Whether they're the big bads of their film worlds or just a little bit of spice sprinkled in to make things interesting, seeing creatures from our wildest imaginations brought to the big screen is a part of movie magic like no other.

So let's celebrate the monsters that managed to make their first impression their last one once again, and didn't need any follow up to cement themselves as some of the best of their kind. Practical, CGI, or just a guy with a mask on looking a bit spooky - these are the creations that were humble enough to crop up for one scene only, drop the mic, and bow out to never be seen again...

10. Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man - Ghostbusters

Mother Longlegs Kong Skull Island
Sony Pictures

A true icon of 1980s movies, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man has long since engrained himself into our hearts, and our bank accounts too - making up a disproportionate amount of merchandise to cash in on the squidgy menace since his debut in '84. Of course, the Stay-Puft mascot comes from Ghostbusters, where supernatural activity is taking over New York and requires the proton energy interference of a group of those who bust ghosts. By the end of the movie, the team of four are faced with an interdimensional threat that will take on the form of whatever they so choose - with Raymond selecting the marshmallow brand in an attempt to select something 'that couldn't possibly destroy them.'

That's the thing with ghosts though. They don't play fair.

Stay-Puft is blown up to gigantic proportions, wrecking the city like a pillowy Godzilla and roaring in the face of those who would defy the creature's reign of terror. He's destroyed in the end by crossing the proton streams, and thankfully hasn't been seen again since - with the 2016 remake committing their brand of Stay-Puft to a ghostly balloon instead. Thank heavens for small favours.


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