10 MORE Awesome Movie Monsters Only In One Scene

9. Mutated Rat - Rampage

Mother Longlegs Kong Skull Island
Warner Bros.

For a film that prides itself on giant, mutated creatures, that we only got to see a handful of the things throughout Rampage's runtime is a true crime. Spending most of its budget on a giant (mostly) benevolent gorilla, an evil crocodile, and a nasty flying wolf who ingest a genetic pathogen that causes them to exponentially grow in size, strength, and aggression, the film is a nice recreation of the video game of the same name for the most part, as the monsters attempt to survive against military forces.

The cause of this genetic nightmare is shown in the opening scenes, where a space station is destroyed by a test subject and spreads debris across the US. The test subject, however, is both itself a neat, underused monster and a little easter egg reference to the game's added fourth character - Larry the rat.

Larry appears in the movie briefly to set off the catastrophic chain of events and look crazed as all hell whilst he does it. We see him for one scene of destruction where he's lit exclusively in flames, and they suit him particularly well.


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