10 More Awkward Moments That Must Have Happened After Famous Movies

Spare a thought for the traumatised children at the end of Jurassic World...

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More often than not, the success of a feature film, both critically and at the box office, can be decided by whether or not the project sticks the landing in the closing stages. Tying things up in a well presented, neat package or possibly even setting up the future with mouth-watering cliff-hangers have both been known to send an audience home happy when all is said and done.

However, just because "all is said and done" when it comes to the two-hour slice of entertainment a crowd has just taken in on the big screen, doesn't mean the lives of these characters simply come to a screeching halt when the credits roll. In fact, once you take a moment to truly digest the thrilling events that have just unfolded in front of your very eyes, it's not uncommon to realise that a number of rather awkward occurrences probably followed soon after a rousing victory or jaw-dropping final act.

From insanely awkward conversations unearthing chilling details about a character's activities away from home, to a celebration being swiftly followed by a spot of human dinner, these movies all no doubt led to some pretty uncomfortable moments down the road.

10. The Kids Survived The Park, But The Divorce Is Still Coming - Jurassic World

Warrior movie
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As the long-awaited return to all things Jurassic Park, or in this case "World", reached its exhilarating conclusion, luckily the two sprogs that we'd been following for much of the dino chaos had survived to flee from Pterodactyls another day.

However, once the dust had settled on this apparent happy ending that saw a decent portion of the park saved, equipped with the two Mitchell lads both being retrieved by their parents shortly after, one rather depressing fact soon sank in for those actually invested in their backstories.

It's mentioned during the flick that the boys' parents are in the midst of getting divorced, with the two discussing as much whilst watching some Gallimimus go for a jog. Despite the fact that their mom and dad appear to be comforting each other as they arrive to take their children as far away from Isla Nubar as possible at the end, there's still no sign of their divorce being off the cards.

Sure, they've just survived being hunted by prehistoric monsters, but that won't save them from some deeply uncomfortable and rather crappy days ahead as Gray in particular struggles to adapt to this new scenario.


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