10 More Best Movie Twists You Genuinely Never Saw Coming

These twists got everybody GOOD.

Blade Runner 2049
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When a great plot twist hits, there's nothing quite as satisfying - seeing the narrative pieces fall into place in shocking, unexpected fashion can force the audience to entirely re-evaluate the movie they're watching.

While filmmakers can certainly try too hard to pull the wool over viewers' eyes, who among us doesn't love an ingeniously engineered twist that's unpredictable while still playing fair with the audience?

And because there are just too many damn good plot twists for a single article, here's a sequel to our recent piece on the subject, detailing another 10 incredible plot twists basically nobody ever saw coming.

There are many un-guessable plot twists which fell flat for feeling manipulative, contrived, or unearned, but these reveals all enhanced their overall narrative in a deeply satisfying and wildly unexpected way.

It's certainly tough to execute a rug-pull this jolting and yet gratifying, but when it works it really works.

And so, here's to the writers and directors who put meticulous thought into how they could surprise moviegoers in ways both subtle and outlandish, bamboozling us with a turn of plot we never expected...

10. Dil Is Trans - The Crying Game

Blade Runner 2049

Though The Crying Game's shocking mid-film twist has been widely discussed and invoked across media over the last 30 years, for anyone who saw the movie without knowing its big secret, it was a flabbergasting surprise.

Neil Jordan's Oscar-winning drama revolves around IRA member Fergus (Stephen Rea), who falls in love with a mysterious woman named Dil (Jaye Davidson).

However, when the pair are about to have sex in Dil's apartment, she undresses to reveal that she's a trans woman, much to Fergus' immediate revulsion.

In the film's release year of 1992, where the most mainstream of audiences were considerably less au fait with the LGBT community than they are today, such a potential twist likely wasn't something they'd have even considered, prompting Miramax's marketing campaign to ask audiences not to reveal The Crying Game's secret.

Ultimately, Jordan truly struck the motherlode with Davidson - a man who could convincingly pass as female to millions, had an androgynous first name, was totally unknown, and happened to be a terrific actor to boot, even receiving a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his work on the film.


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