10 More Body Horror Fates Worse Than Death

9. Slither - Becoming A Bulbous, Bloated Ball Of Baby Parasites

Color Out of Space
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Way before he was cruising the MCU skies with the Guardians of the Galaxy crew, James Gunn got his start in film by dabbling in horror.

Said start originated with involvement on several Troma features, then Gunn made his full directorial debut with 2006's Slither.

The central premise of Slither sees Michael Rookers' Grant Grant infected by an alien parasite, with Grant then spouting tentacles and looking to likewise infect the local townsfolk. For Brenda (Brenda James) - an ex-lover of Grant's - she has the disturbing fate of becoming a bloated ball of goo who is full of worms and has a constant hunger for raw meat.

In Brenda's case, she only met up with Grant because she thought the two - despite both being married - were going to have sex. But rather than have her fancy tickled, she was instead infected by Rooker's character and became the breeder for countless other potential parasites to spawn from.

Technically, Brenda does actually die by the time Slither wraps up, with the parasitic worms inside her tearing her apart as they make their way out to find their own hosts. The thing is, the poor woman had spent the vast majority of this movie praying for this death to come.


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