10 More Deleted Movie Scenes That Explain Confusing Movie Moments

What the hell was Thor doing in that damn cave?

Avengers Age of Ultron Thor
Marvel Studios

It goes without saying that the process of whittling a movie down to the cut that makes it in cinemas can be an agonising one, with filmmakers forced to kill their darlings and, at the behest of scissor-happy studios, often remove vital sequences.

The reasons are numerous, of course, with pacing and poor responses from test audiences being the most common ones, even if egregious editing can cause a movie's internal logic to feel a little off in places.

That's certainly the case with these 10 movies, many of them fantastic films which nevertheless threw a crucial scene on the cutting room floor, leaving fans at best mildly confused and, at worst, totally baffled to the point that it actively harmed the movie.

But thanks to home video releases and Extended Editions, these scenes have been released to fans, plugging up plot holes and restoring logic to scenes that didn't feel totally water-tight.

While in some examples you can at least appreciate why the larger scene was cut from a storytelling economy perspective, would those extra minutes have really harmed the movie?...


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