10 More Devastating Horror Movie Deaths You Couldn't Look Away From

No tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering.

Old Chrystal

When it comes to horror movies deaths, as much as they might want to, viewers simply cannot help but look.

There are a number of different ways in which a horror movie demise may have a truly devastating impact on the audience. The death of a beloved character always hits home brutally, and watching their savage demise makes for harrowing viewing.

The manner in which these deaths occur is another significant factor. There's nothing more heartbreaking than watching a protagonist sacrifice themselves to protect others or witnessing another on the verge of safety being cruelly struck down. Another key element to note is that horror possesses the most sadistic, unimaginably cruel cinematic deaths on offer - it's in the name.

The goal of many of these on-screen fatalities is to horrify the audience and they do so with reckless abandon, shamelessly exploiting shock factor and indiscriminate gore to great effect.

But the most merciless aspect about this state of affairs? Whatever the root cause behind the devastating impact of the death, the audience somehow still finds their gaze drawn inexorably to the horrors unfolding onscreen. Go figure.

10. Chrystal - Old

Old Chrystal

The premise of M. Night Shyamalan's Old sees a pharmaceutical company lure people with medical conditions to a resort, in order to test experimental treatment drugs on them. Guests are invited to visit a nearby beach, which happens to have the seemingly supernatural effect of ageing anyone on it. This transition happens at a terrifyingly rapid rate - roughly one year every 30 minutes.

This phenomenon allows the insidious company to carry out medical trials in a matter of days that would take years otherwise. Regrettably for the guests, it also accelerates their own medical conditions. Chrystal has hypocalcemia, a condition caused by low blood calcium levels. Normally resulting in mild symptoms, this hellishly accelerated universe sees the unfortunate Chrystal's weakened bones break and set instantly, leaving a nightmarishly deformed visage of twisted, broken limbs. For the beauty-obsessed Chrystal, this is truly a fate worse than death.

Chrystal's death is made all the more devastating by the fact that it is immediately preceded finding out that her daughter Kara has died. As the beach descends into chaos, Maddox and Trent are sent to hide in a cave, finding Chrystal as her affliction takes hold and breaking the news to her. The visage of her wailing dementedly in the flickering match-light is too disturbing for words, yet one is unable to drag their eyes away even for a second.


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