10 MORE Dumbest Decisions In Horror Movies

There's always plenty of stupid to go around when it comes to horror movies.


Is a horror movie REALLY a horror movie if there's no characters making absolutely boneheaded decisions for the entirety of the run time? Considering the genre's track record, probably not.

Whilst there are some rare films out there that balance common sense with a healthy helping of the scary stuff, more often than not, the ridiculous situations horror victims manage to get themselves into could have been avoided if only they'd simply had the forethought to not interfere with paranormal monstrosities from beyond our plane of existence. It's really not that hard.

We know the rules by now: don't bother with camping if you know what's good for you, don't buy creepy sh*t from garage sales, and just... don't have kids. That one's a given in general, but it definitely isn't worth having a tiny person capable of channeling the devil himself bumbling about when horror comes a-knocking. Get some cats instead.

Looking again at the far more ludicrous trains of thought it takes to make some seriously scary messes then, these are even more character decisions that are unequivocally stupid. May you learn from their gruesome fates.

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