10 More Excuses Actors Used For Blowing Major Movie Auditions

Bradley Cooper thinks pretending to be Batman cost him the Green Lantern role...

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More often than not, the reason a talented or hard-working actor doesn't land themselves the role of a lifetime isn't because they're not good enough.

They're usually just not right for said part, with the character simply requiring a different look or energy than what they brought to the table on the day of an audition.

This collection of gifted actors had other, very specific excuses for not exactly smashing their meeting for a gigantic role, though.

In their minds, they could have very much stood a chance of dodging bullets, putting on certain iconic super-suits, or waving a wand at various magical beings on-screen were it not for one embarrassing, frustrating, or straight-up bizarre issue.

Now again, there's a good chance many of the following stars did a decent enough job in the room and just weren't as perfect a fit for a role as the other fantastic performers who ended up nabbing the character.

According to everyone from eventual Gods of Mischief to Oscar-winning sensations, however, dodgy evil voices, simply being too lazy, and opting to unleash the most inappropriate jokes possible were the real reasons they ultimately took themselves out of contention.

10. Tom Hiddleston Gets The Pirates Of The Caribbean Script Just Before A Night Out

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Aubrey Plaza
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While it can be a touch frustrating to have to suddenly drop everything you're doing, cancel any immediate plans, and immerse yourself in the world of a character for hours, the chance to have your life forever changed by one out of nowhere audition is certainly worth that small sacrifice.

That's something eventual Loki star Tom Hiddleston learned the hard way when some sides for a new little franchise by the name of Pirates of the Caribbean landed on his lap many moons ago.

With the young actor promising his pal that he'd go out for a few drinks to celebrate them finishing their exams, Hiddleston eventually decided to pack the text away for the night after only a few hours of prep (in the Muse of Fire clip below at 40:18).

Inevitably, the severely hungover and underprepared performer didn't produce his best work at the 10am audition the next day. And when asked why he didn't even bother to learn the lines for such a massive opportunity, a naive Hiddleston simply told the casting director that he only got the script at 5pm the day before.

He's since learned that this is "no excuse". Who knows, if he'd actually made an effort to learn the lines, Hiddleston could have ended up playing the part of Will Turner that eventually went to Orlando Bloom.

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