10 MORE Great Horror Movies (Nobody Ever Talks About)

How did we miss these amazing movies?

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In recent years, horror has had a colossal surge, not just in quality, but in popularity. At one time, the genre was dismissed and ridiculed by the masses. Nowadays, films like IT, Cabin in the Woods, Zombieland, and Get Out dominate the box office, win awards, and draw in moviegoers who normally wouldn't give the genre a second thought.

Not only that, this resurgence has encouraged people to check out older horror flicks, causing many movies from a bygone era to develop a cult-following.

Even though this is a big win for fans of slashers, zomcoms, and body horror, it does create a problem. There have been so many popular horror films recently, a couple of gems have gotten lost in the shuffle. People have been so focused on Nope, Last Night in Soho, and A Quiet Place, a lot of solid entries have been left in the dust.

So, if you're desperate to find a new horror but feel like you've seen everything, you're in luck. On this list, we have ten lesser-known horror films that are incredible, innovative, and above all, terrifying.

10. Unsane

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If you haven't seen Unsane, you may know it as "that movie that was shot on a iPhone". Sadly, this is what Unsane's legacy has become - remembered as nothing more than a gimmick.

This is a huge pity, since this psychological drama has a lot going for it. First off, the idea of a woman being involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward is a petrifying concept. Even though Oscar-winning director, Steven Soderbergh, is not the draw he once was, Unsane proves he hasn't lost one iota of talent, drenching every frame with quivering suspense.

The cast, which includes Juno Temple, Jay Pharaoh, and Joshua Leonard (who you may remember from The Blair Witch Project) are all on top-form. Our lead, Claire Foy, is endlessly engrossing, and is able to utter the clunkiest dialogue flawlessly.

Even though Unsane feels like it's setting the viewers up for a twist you can see coming a mile away, it goes in a direction you don't expect, proving it's anything but predictable.

The way Unsane is filmed can come across as a needless stunt on occasion, but there's still enough here to warrant a watch.


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