10 MORE Great Horror Movies (Nobody Ever Talks About)

9. Don't Listen

American Mary
eOne Films Spain

Don't Listen centres around a couple who have just moved to a house with their son, Eric. While playing with his walkie-talkie, Eric hears a mysterious voice on the other line. At first, his parents assumed Eric had an overactive imagination. But over time, they suspect their home isn't as welcoming as they once thought.

When it comes to heightening scares in horror films, it's imperative to build up tension slowly and carefully.

However, Don't Listen doesn't bother with that. Five minutes in, it hits you with such a shocking death, you'll be find yourself utterly invested to the very end.

Also, if you were expecting Don't Listen to follow the "creepy kid who sees ghosts" trope, don't be so sure. Less than half an hour in, the film goes in a direction you don't expect.

Another reason why Don't Listen stands out is because it does something that's virtually unheard of nowadays - it's one of the only modern horror flicks that has pretty much no CGI. Even when computer-generated effects are used, they are indistinguishable to the human eye. Because you are never distracted by dodgy special effects, viewers will find themselves utterly enraptured by the story.


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