10 More Horror Final Girls Who Didn't Survive Their Movie

These "final" girls didn't make it to the end.

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Tropes are very much the bread and butter of most horror movies, and in the case of the slasher genre in particular, there are few conventions more well-trod than the Final Girl.

The Final Girl is the last heroine left standing who, through their strength, smarts, cunning, and general badassery, is typically able to kill the bad guy(s) or at least make it out alive.

It's a genre staple that's persisted for decades and decades at this point because it's just so much fun watching a plucky, resourceful female hero kick ass, take names, and live to fight another day.

But like just any trope, there are those filmmakers who wish to subvert it, and so throughout the years we've occasionally seen horror movies that dared to deliver an epic, unexpected swerve and kill off the most obviously signposted Final Girl.

On paper, these ladies all fit the Final Girl mold to the letter: smart, likeable, virtuous, and conventionally attractive, yet each ended up on the mortician's slab before the end credits rolled.

Following up our first take on the subject, here's 10 more horror movie Final Girls who didn't make it to the end...

10. Chrissie - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

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Even with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning being a prequel to the 2003 remake, Chrissie (Jordana Brewster) had all the makings of a prototypical Final Girl who makes it to the end of the movie in one piece.

Smarter and more likeable than basically everyone else around her, Chrissie seems destined to elude Leatherface's (Andrew Bryniarski) clutches, yet she sadly also falls victim to him when there's barely a minute of the movie left.

Chrissie escapes Leatherface and high-tails it in an abandoned car, yet commits the classic horror movie sin of failing to check the backseat first. And so, just as Chrissie sees a cop and a civilian in the distance, Leatherface pops up in the back of the car and her Chrissie through with his trusty chainsaw.

To make matters worse, this then causes Chrissie to lose control of the car - y'know, being dead and all - as it crashes into both the cop and the civilian, seemingly killing them both instantly.

The film then ends with Leatherface walking off into the night, surviving to fight another day, while the resourceful heroine everyone expected to survive is left brutally mutilated in the car. Gnarly.


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