10 More Horror Final Girls Who Didn't Survive Their Movie

9. Blaire Lily - Unfriended

Maniac movie

2015's innovative computer screen film Unfriended may be formally unconventional - taking place almost entirely on a laptop screen - but its protagonist Blaire (Shelley Hennig) couldn't seem much more of a typical Final Girl.

Blaire and her friends are hanging out on Skype when they're haunted by the vengeful spirit of their dead friend Laura Barns (Heather Sossaman), who committed suicide after an embarrassing video of her went viral.

Blaire's pals are progressively picked off in disturbingly violent ways throughout the film until she's the only one left, and genre wisdom says she'll be the one to outsmart Laura and save her own hide.

But at film's end it's revealed that Blaire was in fact the one who filmed the incriminating video and prompted Laura to kill herself, and so the final seconds of the film show Laura slamming Blaire's laptop down and attacking her.

We don't see Blaire's death on-screen, but considering what happened to the rest of her friendship group the outcome really speaks for itself.

To not only kill the Final Girl but reveal an extremely unsavoury facet of her past that makes her decidedly less-sympathetic in the movie's final moments is quite the neat trick indeed.


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