10 More Horror Final Girls Who Didn't Survive Their Movie

8. Norah Price - Underwater

Maniac movie

One of the more high-profile Final Girls in recent genre memory must surely be Norah Price from 2020's Underwater, as played by recent Oscar nominee and all-around Internet darling Kristen Stewart.

Norah is a mechanical engineer at the underwater research and drilling facility Kepler 822, and as won't surprise anyone, she ends up making a desperate last stand against Cthulu and the Lovecraftian creatures attacking the facility.

Now technically speaking, Norah isn't the only human character left at the end of the movie - an injured Smith (John Gallagher Jr.) is jettisoned to safety in an escape pod, and when Norah realises one of the two remaining pods is damaged, she forces the third survivor, Emily (Jessica Henwick), to take the other working one.

Once Smith and Emily are clear, it's all down to Norah and the creatures, and while the audience likely assumes that she'll find a way to survive, that's not the case at all.

Indeed, Norah overloads the station's nuclear core, triggering a massive explosion which kills her along with all the creatures.

Only in the film's alternate ending does Norah manage to fix the third escape pod before the station explodes, but the ending we got is certainly the more "honest" and gratifying of the two.


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