10 More Horror Movie Jump Scares You’ll NEVER Forget

Carrie, The Exorcist 3, Blade?! Which horror movie jump scares will stay with you forever?

The Conjuring 2
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Found in pretty much every horror movie ever made, the jump scare is a tried and tested trick. In fact, it's so effective that pretty much anyone can use it to scare an audience silly. All you need is a few scenes of quiet, followed by a huge spike in the volume and voila, you're a horror director.

Obviously there's much more to the craft than that, but sadly the jump scare has become a controversial technique thanks to lazy hacks doing exactly what I described above without any real thought or creativity.

It shouldn't be written off entirely though. When done right, with the proper build up, execution and pay off, an effective jump scare can stay with you for a lifetime. Seriously, even the biggest haters can no doubt name a few off the top of their heads that terrified them.

That makes lists like this admittedly a little difficult. There are so many juicy ones, from classic classics like the shower kill in Psycho to modern classics like the reveal of the first Crawler in The Descent, that this list could be 20, 30, 50 entries long. In fact, we've covered this topic before.

Sadly we don't have that time today, so here are 10 more of the very best jump scares.

10. Carrie - Guess Who's Back?

The Conjuring 2
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An oldie but a goldie, for many the jump scare that bookends Brian De Palma's iconic Carrie is as good as it gets.

After a pig-blood drenched finale that sees Carrie burn down her school, kill a load of people and crucify her own mother, her reign of revenge comes to a close as she herself is crushed to death.

The epilogue then cuts to the only survivor of the mayhem, Sue, visiting Carrie's grave, feeling somewhat responsible for everything that happened.

Just as she goes to put flowers against the pile of rubble, Carrie's bloodied hand rises up and grabs Sue, who promptly wakes up from what turns out to be a nightmare.

Whether Carrie is really dead or not is irrelevant: she's not a spirit that this one survivor is going to be able to forget any time soon.


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