10 More Horror Movie Jump Scares You’ll NEVER Forget

9. Saint Maud - The Demon In The Bed

The Conjuring 2

Saint Maud is one of the most effective horrors of 2020, but it's surprisingly sparse on jump scares.

Most of the suspense comes from the mood of the piece as well as Morfydd Clark's performance as Maud herself, a troubled carer with a traumatic past.

Still, the movie indulges in a few supernatural asides here and there, including one supremely horrifying set piece towards the end. Here, Maud has broken into the home of her former patient Amanda, in an attempt to - in her own eyes - save Amanda's soul before she dies.

When Amanda tells Maud that God isn't real and the pair are all alone though, Maud imagines her as a literal demon, and the frail woman suddenly becomes animated, her body supernaturally contorting.

It's a completely unexpected change of pace, and expertly externalises Maud's fractured psyche.

Oh, and while I'm on, throw in the very final shot of the movie as a bonus as well. If you know, you know.


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