10 MORE Horror Movie Wishes That Went Horribly Wrong

Be VERY careful what you wish for.

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It's often said that you should be careful what you wish for, and that's definitely true if you happen to find yourself in a horror movie, where wishes have a tendency to deliver anything but the desired result.

As we've explored previously here and here, horror movie characters who make wishes usually don't end up getting what they want - at least, not how they want it.

Whether they were selfishly motivated or acting entirely in the interests of another person, these horror movie wishes all went catastrophically wrong, the entity responsible for granting the wish doing so in the most uncharitable, screwed-up manner possible.

The outcomes range from good ol' fashioned death to more insidious, creative corruptions of the desired wish, each of which soundly taught the characters involved that you need to be really clear about what you want - and even then, there are no guarantees.

While we as audiences are basically conditioned to expect horrific results from horror movie wishes these days, there wouldn't be much of a film without them in most of these cases.

And let's be honest, in some of these examples you definitely enjoyed seeing it all fall calamitously apart, didn't you?

10. Being Able To Speak - The Djinn

All Cheerleaders Die
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2021's low-budget supernatural horror The Djinn revolves around a mute boy, Dylan Jacobs (Ezra Dewey), who moves to a new house and discovers an old book with instructions for summoning a djinn (that is, a genie).

Even though the book flatly warns that the djinn will grant wishes to users in a way that results in unintended consequences, a desperate Dylan nevertheless wishes via sign language to finally have a voice.

Dylan certainly gets his wish granted by film's end, but it's absolutely one he ultimately comes to regret with every fiber of his being.

After surviving a night of torment at the hands of the djinn, in an attempt to test his strength of will before granting the wish, Dylan indeed gains the ability to speak, but this ability is consequently taken from his father, Michael (Rob Brownstein).

In the movie's final moments, a distraught Dylan comforts his wounded, mute father and begs the djinn to return and undo his wish.

However, with the djinn having fulfilled its duty, it returns to its book, leaving Dylan to deal with the horrific fallout of his botched wish.


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