10 MORE Horror Movies That Broke All The Rules

Well, they were made to be broken, after all.

silence of the lambs
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As Scream quite happily laid out to us back in 1996, the horror genre has rules. Every movie is made with a strict code of conduct in mind, one that's been established and reinforced by countless trope-laden titles ever since the dawn of horror in film. As Randy rightfully tells us - don't have sex, don't drink or do drugs, and don't disappear off on your own or bleat stupid questions into the darkness. Asking "Who's there" can only end badly, as more often than not its the sharp end of an axe that'll be answering you.

Whilst it might seem that horror movies are as certain as gory deaths and movie taxes for the most part however, there's always going to be titles that attempt to shake up your expectations and offer up something entirely new. Scream itself is the perfect example of that with it's meta movie goodness, proving experimental titles are usually the ones that end up defining the genre for years to come.

Looking at the best examples of rebellious horror movies then, from self referential funny business, to subversive scares, to empowering all things sexy - it's true that rules really were made to be broken...

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