10 More Horror Villains Who Were... Kind Of Right

These psychos weren't exactly wrong.

Saw Jigsaw John Kramer

Horror tends to manifest the worst kind of villains. In any other genre, the antagonist's motives can be understandable, logical, even justified. But since horror tends to revolve around masked serial killers, murderous ghosts, carnivorous monsters, or sadistic demons, it seems impossible to rationalise their detestable actions.

Can anyone condone the actions of Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, or Art the Clown? Of course not. The behaviour of sickos like these couldn't be advocated in a million years.

However, there are certain baddies that are, ironically, not so bad. After understanding what these characters have endured and what they're trying to accomplish, it's challenging not to side with them. The arguments of these kidnappers, torturers, and killers can be so compelling, viewers may find themselves agreeing with them more than their victims.

Now, that's not suggesting this lot are on the side of the angels, but it doesn't change the fact these so-called evildoers may not be as awful as they initially seemed. This subject has been looked at before, but one list wasn't enough. As hard as it is to swallow, there are plenty more horror villains who may have been kind of right.

10. Christine - Christine

Saw Jigsaw John Kramer
Columbia Pictures

In this Stephen King adaption, geek Arnie falls in love with a red Plymouth Fury named Christine.

After purchasing the car, Arnie believes his luck is going to turn around for the better. But when Arnie is pestered by some bullies, he learns Christine is alive, and willing to protect herself and her owner at all costs. As Arnie grows increasingly unstable, he starts using Christine to exterminate everyone who's ever wronged him.

Because Christine poisons Arnie's mind and runs down everyone that rubs her the wrong way, it's easy to see the sentient automobile as evil incarnate. However, Christine tends to attack out of instinct rather than malice. Every time she kills, it's because she felt disrespected or threatened.

For example, she only murdered a factory worker because he covered her upholstery with cigarette ash. She mowed down the bullies because they smashed her to pieces. She crushed Moochie into paste because he took a dump on her dashboard.

Christine tries to kill Dennis and Leigh because they try (and eventually succeed) at reducing her to scrap metal, but that's not malevolence, it's self-preservation.


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