10 More Huge Actors You Didn’t Notice As Extras In Movies

You'll never watch these movies quite the same way again.

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There's nothing quite like going back to watch a movie you haven't seen in years, and suddenly realising a now-huge actor has been hiding in plain sight all along.

More than likely they simply weren't famous at the time and appeared only as an extra, because of course everybody's got to start somewhere.

Nevertheless, whether you noticed them yourselves on a repeat viewing or more likely had somebody else point them out for you, these 10 actors had unassuming presences as extras in the most unexpected of films.

These appearances are so fleeting, so devilishly devious, that you can be forgiven for missing them even if you've seen the film in question literally dozens of times.

In some cases the actor is caked under makeup or concealed in shadow, in others they're on-screen for just a few scant moments, and sometimes an actor's presence is just so damn unexpected we didn't even entertain the possibility it could be them.

If nothing else, it proves that they've basically done their job right as an extra or "background artist," to add ambience and volume to the scene without drawing attention to themselves...

10. Jack Black - Demolition Man

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If you're a fan of '90s action movies, there's a good chance you've seen the Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes-starring sci-fi actioner Demolition Man at least a couple-dozen times.

Despite this, you've probably never noticed that a future comedy A-lister shows up late in the movie for just a single, solitary scene.

In one of his very first acting roles, a 23-year-old Jack Black appears as "Wasteland Scrap #2," in the scene where protagonist John Spartan (Stallone) heads underground to meet resistance leader Edgar Friendly (Denis Leary).

As one of Friendly's underlings, Black stands to the right of Denis Leary throughout the scene, but because Leary blocks Black's face from view in almost every shot, there's only a small window of time to spot Black wordlessly hanging out.

He gets one blink-and-you'll-miss-it close-up and that's about it, enough that even hardcore fans of Demolition Man still have no earthly idea that future comedy royalty is a day-player in this scene.

Look down at your phone for even a few seconds, and you've got no chance of catching it.

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