10 More Insane Movie Theories That Actually Make Sense

You will never look at Severus Snape the same way again.

Reservoir Dogs

Every time you watch a movie and there isn't an answer to a question as comprehensive as you were expecting, every time there is a plot hole or a gap in the story, or really any time anything happens at all, chances are someone, somewhere, has a theory about it.

Fan theories can be one of the most interesting aspects of watching a movie, as they can offer different perspectives and different layers, and can genuinely change the way you view a film. The good ones can, at least.

Said theories can range from something based on minimal evidence, to being impossible to argue with. They can fill in obvious gaps in movies or make connections you never would have noticed otherwise, and they can be relatively down to Earth, or off-the-wall crazy.

Often some of the best fall into the latter category. In fact, sometimes the more insane the better, especially when it actually makes sense. From cannibalism and demigods, to vampires and the afterlife, these ten theories are utterly insane, and yet the more you think about them, the more you can't help but actually take them seriously.

10. Humans Eating Other Humans - Wall-E

Reservoir Dogs

In spite of the often devastating emotional gut-punches involved, and though they are beloved by people of all ages, Pixar movies are aimed at younger audiences. You'd be forgiven then, for not expecting anything like cannibalism to pop up in something like Wall-E.

This isn't explicitly referenced throughout the film, however there is a theory put forward by The Film Theorists YouTube channel that is so detailed and comprehensive it's actually difficult to argue with.

The people on board the Axiom, the ship sent into space while the robots like Wall-E cleaned the Earth, were on a trip that was supposed to last for five years. In reality, it actually lasted 700, went through five generations of captains, and would have certainly run out of food years before the events of the movie occurred.

And yet, not only is everyone still being fed, there isn't a person on board who isn't overweight. When you put together two of the biggest issues the ship would have faced over the course of its unexpectedly long journey, namely the disposal of dead bodies and the lack of food, it feels like a foregone conclusion that the ship found an efficient, albeit horrifying solution for both.


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