10 More Mismatched Movie Enemies

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A follow-up to our first article with the same concept; 10 Most Mismatched Enemies In Movie History.

An enemy is someone who brings the worst out in a character. They are driven to madness, jealously, hate, even unrequited love just at the mere thought of an enemy. Films circulate around the relationships of characters, often pitting one against another to make for a better story. Antonio Salieri's unfounded hatred for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart makes for a wildly entertaining movie because we understand from both perspectives that they are each other's equals just given two different paths of life. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy could have easily become friends in their first year of Hogwarts had the circumstances been different, but instead are destined to take sides on the forthcoming war whether either of them truly wish to accept their roles or not. However, this list is a compilation of several movie enemies who do not carry the intrigue of an interesting battle of mind and physicality. Instead these are a few movie characters who are heavily outnumbered, outweighed, excluded, unevenly matched against an enemy that holds something far more powerful over their heads. These are mismatched fights because they are not fair on some level, they leave an unsatisfied taste in the viewer's mouth because the scales are tipped sometimes so far to one side that it makes for a poor spectacle and characterization.

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