10 More Mismatched Movie Enemies

10. Average Joes vs. Troop #417 (Dodgeball)


A gentleman never strikes a woman. A gentleman never raises his voice to a child. A gentleman probably hasn€™t come across the seedy underbelly of dodgeball quite like the Average Joes have. The team of misfits trying desperately to save their beloved gym has a greater enemy of White Goodman and Global Gym but they hit a major roadblock in the unlikely team of Troop #417. Of course, that€™s the humor of it all; how can these grown men try to assault young girls with red rubber balls? The answer is they can€™t, rather in fact they get their asses handed to them by the vicious team of girl scouts. The men of Average Joes shouldn€™t be the ones who are nervous of possibly hurting the small girls, they should be nervous that if this same group of small girls can turn out to be so ruthless with their onslaught of balls imagine what the real competition is going to be like. The mismatch here is that Average Joes are so inferior to Troop #417, that it€™s almost an unfair fight until that unfortunate steroid problem rings it€™s ugly head.

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