10 More Most Annoying Little Inconsistencies In MCU History

9. Andrew Garfield Is Not A Kid

Ant-Man and the Wasp Janet van Dyne
Marvel Studios

In 2021, the unthinkable happened. After the animated Into the Spider-Verse brought multiple Peter Parkers together from across the multiverse, the MCU brought Tom Holland’s version of the character together with that of both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.

Along with the previous Spider-Men came a smattering of villains from each franchise, including Jamie Foxx’s Electro. He had gone up against Andrew Garfield’s Spidey previously, and did so once again on Earth-616 seven real-world years later.

Their main interaction came when Peter 3 defeated Max Dillon, cured him, and revealed to him his true identity. Arguably the main point of the conversation was for Max to seemingly tease Miles Morales by saying he expected Spider-Man to be black, but there were a couple of inconsistencies that it created.

The first was that Max didn’t already know Peter’s identity, when the sole reason these five villains were brought across to the MCU was that they supposedly did already know who Peter was. The other, which has much less impact on the movie, yet made fans scratch their heads even more, was when Electro said Peter was just a kid. Just… no.

Tom Holland is just a kid. Andrew Garfield was almost 40 at the time. He may not look quite that old, but there is no one in the year 2021 that could possibly describe him as just a kid.


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