10 More Most Annoying Little Inconsistencies In MCU History

How exactly did Janet van Dyne age?

Ant-Man and the Wasp Janet van Dyne

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a big place. With almost 30 movies, countless heroes and villains, and more stories and sub-plots than any normal person could ever keep track of, Marvel Studios really have done an incredible job of building the Marvel Universe on the big screen. Incredible, but not perfect.

No one could ever expect such a behemoth to be without its flaws, and while the likes of the entirety of The Dark World stick out, there are much more that potentially fly under the radar. With the MCU being as big as it is, it is often too easy to focus on the larger moments.

However, the smaller moments are just as important, as they make up just as much of the universe as the big ones. Of course, it can be that they are harder to keep a track of, and in this way are more susceptible to being inconsistent across the wider franchise.

WhatCulture has already delved into this particular subject, but there are just too many of these to contain in one list. Like before, these aren’t plot holes that will ruin a movie for you, and many fans may never have even noticed them. However, those that have can never unsee them.

10. Peter Parker Should Have Recognised Nick Fury (Kind Of)

Ant-Man and the Wasp Janet van Dyne

In spite of just being a teenage kid, Peter Parker loved referencing old sci-fi movies. His idea to get rid of Ebony Maw came from Alien, but it was Star Wars that was his and Ned’s favourite. He tackled Giant-Man like an AT-AT, and he and his best friend spent far too much time and money on Star Wars lego.

Nothing wrong with that, until Peter comes into contact with someone who just so happens to look exactly like a character from his favourite movie franchise of all time.

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker for the first time crosses paths with Nick Fury, but if he’s such a Star Wars fan, wouldn’t he have had something to say about the fact that his new authority figure looks exactly like Mace Windu? Like, literally exactly.

Samuel L. Jackson played both roles, so Nick Fury doesn’t just look similar to Master Windu, he looks identical. Marvel Studios making the Star Wars movies canon in the MCU meant that this dynamic didn't make much sense, unless Nick Fury had a secret previous life as an actor. Even then, Spider-Man would have certainly had something to say about it.


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