10 More Most Shocking Horror Movie Unmaskings

Those horror reveals that left audiences reeling.

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By its very nature, one of the most famous elements of horror is the big whodunit reveal. Whatever the medium, so many horror tales end with some giant final act twist that breaks down the mystery of what evil is at the centre of this story and what said evil's motivation is.

When it comes to such offerings, those reveals have plentiful times involved some unhinged lunatic removing a mask to reveal their identity and hopefully leave audience's jars agape at what they've just witnessed unravel. In the case of horror cinema, some of these unmaskings have been exemplary in how masterfully shocking or downright chilling they've played out.

For those asking about the More in this piece's title, that's due to this being a follow-up to 10 Most Shocking Horror Movie Unmaskings. As such, that means that Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, 1925's The Phantom of the Opera, Predator, Hush, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, Happy Death Day 2U, Trick 'r Treat, Scooby-Doo (yes, really...), Kill List, and The Funhouse are all off the table.

With that in mind then, here are ten further examples of brilliant, oft-terrifying unmasking moments from the murky depths of the horror genre.

10. Andy Richards - Sorority Row

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A loose do-over of 1982's The House on Sorority Row, Stewart Hendler's Sorority Row is likely way better than it had any right to be.

Giving a fresh lick of paint to an old favourite often tends not to work out too well, yet this 2009 movie brings plenty of inventive, brutal deaths to the table. As far as a fun, easy to watch modern slasher, Sorority Row stands as a decent addition to the subgenre.

When a prank spectacularly backfires, a college girl ends up dead and her fraternity sisters decide to hide the body down a mine shaft. When said sisters start to get bombarded by spooky text messages eight months later, the hunt is on to find out who knows the group's dirty little secret. Of course, this mystery all plays out as a masked murderer goes on a college campus killing spree.

As Sorority Row serves up a flame-laced finale, the deranged executioner of the piece is revealed to by Julian Morris' Andy Richards. The boyfriend of sorority sister Cassidy, Andy's motive is that he had to kill all who knew the film's big secret in order for he and Cassidy to have a future together. Pretty skewed logic, like, but hey, that's what makes the fella a smidge unstable.

What makes this unmasking particular shocking, is that Andy is positioned as one of the few nice, caring, considerate characters of a film full of mostly unlikeable characters.

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