10 More Movie Mistakes You'll Never Unsee

Once you spot these stunt doubles, continuity errors, and mistakes, you'll never un-spot them.

Encino Man
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Trying to juggle everything from annoying actors, to intimidating studios, to the everyday chaos of the average film set is a rather unenviable job. But the various directors and crew members attached to many a big-screen offering are often only too happy to dive into that madness in the pursuit of glorious movie magic.

All of the hope and enthusiasm in the world still isn't enough to guarantee that a feature will make it onto a cinema screen without a few blunders or mistakes still very much being visible during the runtime, though.

And should one of these flaws become a big-screen reality, the folks behind the project in question usually have no choice but to just cross their fingers and hope that their audience are so wrapped up in the tale being told that they haven't got a second to catch the odd error popping up in a shot along the way.

Now, the fact some fans were able to catch these few goofs didn't completely derail the films in question by any means. But once you spot these specific cinematic clangers, there's still a solid chance you'll never be able to unsee them ever again.

10. A Switch Is Missed But The Lights Go Out Anyway - Grease

Encino Man

This may be the same weird picture that also contained a car flying off into the sunset and whatever was going on in that Beauty School Dropout number, but that still doesn't exactly explain how the lights managed to find a way to go out at one point in Grease without someone even making contact with a switch.

With the film taking place quite some time before folks were able to dim a room using only their voice, the visual of Vi going to press her elbow on a switch in the diner moments before that aforementioned Beauty School detour has left a number of T-Birds and Pink Ladies scratching their heads over the years.

As Joan Blondell's Frosty Palace waitress leans against the wall in hope and completely misses her target, instead of trying to go back and redo the blunder, the folks behind the project decided "meh, that'll do" and whacked the clicking sound effect over the top of the surreal sequence that then saw the lights suddenly go down.

Yet, everything from the awkward pause as Vi and Didi Conn's Frenchy wait for their visual cue, to the speed in which the bizarre occurrence is skipped over only adds to the charm of this entire 1971 classic.


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