10 More Movie Moments Everyone Was Waiting For (That Never Happened)

Turns out trailers and the internet can be very misleading.

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Rey

Though no one ever wants to hear spoilers before going to the cinema, part of the fun is the anticipation of what's to come. Everyone has their own theories and expectations, but sometimes these stretch far beyond the individual and are almost assumed by the majority of a movie's audience. Not all of them actually come to fruition, however.

Of course, the internet plays a big part in this, the place where bold claims can be made with absolutely no proof or evidence, and countless people will unquestionably take them as fact.

Rumours and reports can spread, certain things can be teased, and some scenes can even inexplicably be showcased in a movie trailer, but there is no guarantee that what the audience is expecting will actually happen. This is the other side of the Spider-Man: No Way Home coin. Everyone was expecting Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield to appear, but what if they hadn't?

Following on from WhatCulture's previous look at this very subject, the list can be expanded with more expected cameos not happening, seemingly doomed characters defying the odds and surviving, and integral characters from a gaming franchise being omitted from the movie completely...

10. Elena's Appearance - Uncharted

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Rey
Naughty Dog

After years in development hell, after going through multiple script changes, multiple directors, and even changing Mark Wahlberg's role from Nathan Drake to that of Sully, Sony's Uncharted movie finally released in 2022. It was a fun outing that certainly featured a lot of the game's elements, but rarely did the characters actually feel like their PlayStation counterparts.

Drake and Sully's backstory was changed completely, Wahlberg couldn't have felt less like Victor Sullivan, and Chloe was portrayed as younger than she ever was in the games. The biggest crime however, was completely omitting Elena Fischer from the movie.

With the post-credit scene, there was certainly a return for the franchise teased, and it's unlikely that Sony would want to throw everything into the first movie with their eyes firmly set on potentially multiple sequels. However, Elena is just as important a character as Nate and Sully, and to omit her entirely from the first movie was a shock.

Including completely original characters but not one of the central protagonists from the series is one thing, but surely she was going to be teased after the credits, right? Nope. Instead, this sting was used to namedrop Gabriel Roman and show off Sully's moustache.


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