10 More Movie Moments IMPOSSIBLE To Watch The Same Way After This

Thor: Love and Thunder spoiled the whole movie pretty early on, as it goes...

Hackman Unforgiven
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When it comes to the often larger than life action or moments of utterly gripping drama unfolding on the big-screen year after year, there's often a great deal more going on within a scene than what initially meets the eye.

Upon closer inspection, even movies you thought you knew inside out can sometimes offer up unexpected and rather subtle additional delights that completely change the way you view a particularly compelling bite of action or seemingly throwaway occurrence.

And in other cases, the rewinding and scrutinising of a certain moment can also expose a few behind-the-scenes pieces of trickery or add further weight to an impactful exchange thanks to the knowledge of some real-life consequences being dished out in the thick of said sequence.

Simply put, as with the previous iteration of this particular brand of list, there's a solid chance you'll never be able to look at the following cinematic beats the same way again after taking in these often jaw-dropping revelations.

From a Hollywood titan sneaking their script into shot, to a number of hiding-in-plain-sight objects meaning far more than you initially thought, get ready to view the following scenes entirely differently from here on out!

10. A Knight Secretly Gets It On In A Picture - Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Hackman Unforgiven
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Throughout the numerous Harry Potter Wizarding World entries, a great many portraits can be found wandering around within their own frames and sometimes causing a little chaos in their fellow painted pals' setting, too.

And in a rather subtle case of the latter at one point during Alfonso CuarĂ³n's Prisoner of Azkaban, it turns out that a pair of these drawn figures were actually rudely interrupted in the thick of getting a touch steamy.

Coming during the sequence that sees some of Hogwarts' students gather around the frame that once boasted the Fat Lady - before she found herself hiding behind a hippo elsewhere - a few rewinds of a particular shot of Harry and Hermione depicts two background painted folks attempting to get it on amongst the stairs.

Hilariously, what appears to be Sir Cadogan and a lover quickly attempt to make themselves decent as the wizards and witches assemble.

Oddly enough, it also seems as though this is something of reused clip throughout the flick, too, with Sir Cadogan performing a similar awkward shuffle with a lady upon being beckoned by Professor McGonagall in Gryffindor Tower.

You'll never look at these portraits the same way again...


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