10 Movie Moments IMPOSSIBLE To Watch Same Way After This

Yes, that's Sigourney Weaver being probed with a speculum in Galaxy Quest.

Galaxy Quest Sigourney Weaver

There's nothing quite like going back to watch a movie and finding a fascinating new detail you never noticed before, or alternatively, hearing about it from a friend or a committed online film community, like the fine folk at /r/MovieDetails.

Sometimes these details are cute little pieces of continuity and artistic flair you've never picked up on, and sometimes they're also significant or distracting enough to ensure you won't ever watch the scene the same way again, whether for better or worse.

These 10 films, from undeniable classics to more recent releases, all feature bizarre and unexpected secrets hidden in plain sight for audiences to seek out and tell their friends about.

From hidden acting gaffes to surprising technical issues, sneaky character traits, unexpected Easter eggs, and everything else in-between, these flourishes will ensure these movie moments are fundamentally re-shaped in your mind until the end of time itself.

Whether you end up with a greater appreciation for filmmaking craft or are actively distracted by something you wished you could un-see, you'll no doubt think of these tidbits every time you watch these movie scenes...

10. Q Is Reading Cue Cards While Talking To Bond - GoldenEye

Galaxy Quest Sigourney Weaver

Firstly, all respect in the world to the late, great Desmond Llewelyn - an iconic and inestimable icon of 007 lore who played Q in 17 Bond films across more than 35 years.

However, keen-eyed viewers who pay attention to his appearance in GoldenEye will notice that the actor is very clearly reading from cue cards placed around the set.

This is most noticeable when Q and Bond (Pierce Brosnan) are stood by a BT telephone box as Q explains a gadget to him.

It's clear that Llewelyn is actually looking over Brosnan's shoulder while speaking, his eyes moving from left to right as he reads the technobabble dialogue from a cue card or similar device behind the actor.

That's no criticism of Llewelyn at all - hell, acting giants like Brando used cue cards - but simply an observation that's sure to distract the hell out of fans on repeat viewings. So, erm, sorry about that.


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