10 More Movie Openings That Totally Trolled Audiences

These tricksy openings got EVERYBODY.

Mission Impossible 3 Tom Cruise

The worst thing that a movie's opening sequence can be is boring - it needs to, above all else, grab the audience by the lapels and secure their attention for what's to follow.

The most common way to do this is simply kick the movie off with an eye-popping action sequence or intensely dramatic scene which gets viewers immediately on-side.

But sometimes filmmakers want to instead mess with audiences and their deeply entrenched sense of comfort, by daring to challenge what they expect and give them something else instead.

Messing with the audience is certainly not without its risks, but when it really works, it can win viewers over in a far more creative and emphatic way.

These 10 movie openings all toyed with audiences one way or another, from dropping a giant twist in the very first scene to giving them the last thing they ever expected and, most bravely, even making fun of them for watching the movie itself.

Again, trolling paying customers is a bold strategy that doesn't always work, but when it does, it can result in an all-timer opening you won't ever forget...

10. Homer Calls You A Sucker - The Simpsons Movie

Mission Impossible 3 Tom Cruise

When The Simpsons Movie was first announced, many questioned if there needed to be one at all - after all, wouldn't it basically just feel like paying top dollar to watch four TV episodes stapled together?

And the film confronts this in its opening two minutes, when the Simpson family are watching an Itchy and Scratchy movie in the cinema.

Homer eventually stands up and complains that, "I can't believe we're paying to see something we get on TV for free. If you ask me, everybody in this theater is a giant sucker."

At that moment, Homer turns his eyes directly towards us, the audience, as he points his finger and says, "Especially you!," and the movie's title sequence kicks off.

While it's clear from the film's opening moments that The Simpsons Movie is a considerably slicker, more bigger-budget affair than its TV counterpart, it's nevertheless pretty bold to insult paying customers while they've still got time to leave the screen and get a refund.


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