10 More Movie Reveals You Can Spot Early If You Really Look

Attentive viewers could figure out these devious twists early.

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A stunning plot twist or hugely unexpected reveal can often help elevate a movie from "pretty good" to "bloody great," as audiences pick their jaws up off the floor and try to make sense of what they just saw.

Plot twists fundamentally don't work if they feel shoehorned out of nowhere, but it's always satisfying to revisit a movie and observe how the climactic rug-pull was actually foreshadowed ahead of time.

These reveals, all of which re-shaped their respective narratives, actually could have been guessed much earlier than when they were revealed in earnest, albeit only for viewers who were truly paying strict attention.

The average viewer likely thought nothing of these moments or perhaps even missed them entirely on a first viewing, but on a second or third sit you just might've caught them if you were really looking.

In each case they make it clear the filmmakers were giving audiences all they needed in order to figure things out, but only if they were studying every piece of visual information passing before their eyes.

As such, don't feel bad that you probably missed all these massive clues...

10. Amy Framed Nick - Gone Girl

RIPD movie

The Reveal

Apparent kidnapping victim Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) actually faked her own disappearance in order to frame her husband, Nick (Ben Affleck), for his extra-marital affair.

How To Spot It Early

Early in the film we catch a brief glimpse of Amy writing her diary, which is later used as evidence to suggest that Nick is an abusive husband and Amy is becoming increasingly fearful for her life.

We of course eventually learn that the diary was actually fabricated by Amy to implicate Nick, but in this early shot there's a fleeting, dead giveaway.

As Amy writes in her diary, several pens with their lids removed are seen at the top of the frame above the diary, because of course, Amy switched between different coloured pens while faking the diary to make it seem more believable as a detailed account of abuse over time.

If every entry was written with the same pen it might attract suspicion. Genius.


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