10 More Movie Sequels You Have No Idea Were Just Released

For better or worse, these sequels came and went in a blink.

The Wrath of Becky
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There's no denying that sequels are what keep Hollywood chugging along. In a cinematic landscape that's becoming increasingly averse to "risky" original projects, of course studios and executives love to invest in sequels to existing movies which have name branding and proven metrics of success.

Studios spend hundreds of millions of dollars making and marketing the biggest movie sequels of the year, yet away from the blockbuster realm there are so many more sequels being produced than any single moviegoer can ever keep up with.

With streaming becoming a more crowded circus than ever before, it simply isn't possible to focus your eyeballs on every sequel on the horizon, enough that many of them end up coming and going in a flash without much fanfare at all.

While in many cases these ignored sequels failed to get noticed for very good reason, that's certainly not always the case.

With so much rival content vying for the audience's attention, a few of these movies were indeed quality sequels that just couldn't scream loudly enough to get the recognition they deserved.

Whether good or bad, these 10 sequels all hit screens big and small without the majority of moviegoers noticing them at all...

10. Children Of The Corn

The Wrath of Becky
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Hollywood seemingly can't let go of the Children of the Corn franchise, no matter that the horror series - adapted from Stephen King's 1977 short story - has never managed to find major critical or commercial success.

Earlier this year, the eleventh Children in the Corn movie was released, and though technically the third adaptation of King's story rather than a straight sequel, for all intents and purposes this is Just Another Children of the Corn Movie.

Given the series' general lack of commercial viability, it wasn't terribly surprising that the new Children of the Corn had only a quiet, brief theatrical run before unceremoniously hitting streaming.

And yes, in addition to grossing barely $500,000 globally at the box office, Kurt Wimmer's (Equilibrium) film was eviscerated by critics, who quite rightly pilloried it for its low production values and for failing to bring anything worthwhile to the ailing franchise.

In short, don't expect a direct sequel to materialise any time soon, though given the series' improbable longevity over 40 years (!), it'll probably return for a twelfth movie eventually.


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