10 More Movies So Awful They Were Pulled From Cinemas

Cinematic Run: 1 Day. Total Box Office Gross: £200

Cabin Fever
IFC Midnight

It's no secret that Hollywood produces a lot of bad movies. Big-budget fare like Transformers, terrible horrors like Rings and completely misguided dramas like The Book of Henry are all a dime a dozen, to the point where it takes quite a lot these days for a film to really stand out in an endless sea of painfully dreadful releases.

An easy way to gauge just how bad a movie is, though, is to see how long it took before the distributors pulled it from theatres, cut their ties with the project and just accepted failure. It doesn't matter if something cost $1 million or $100 million, sometimes it's better to pretend it just didn't happen.

We've already covered 10 of the worst offenders before, but they were only the beginning, as there are so many terrible movies out there that were so embarrassing for the people who made them that they needed to be ushered out of cinemas as quickly as they were brought in. Hell, some were so terrible they didn't even make it past one day.

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