10 More Movies So Awful They Were Pulled From Cinemas

10. Show Dogs

Show Dogs Will Arnett
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Show Dogs is the only movie on this list to not only get pulled from cinemas once, but twice within the space of its short theatrical run. After only a week in screens (and suffering a critical kicking), distributors decided to take the film out of circulation in response to incessant complaints about a scene that allegedly "normalised child grooming". Wait, what?

Obviously, no filmmaker in the world wants their kids movie to be associated with those kinds of messages and the theatrical cut was returned to the editing room to eliminate the controversial scenes. Eventually put back into circulation, the backlash had seemingly overshadowed Show Dogs' fundamental flaw: it wasn't a good movie regardless.

Consequently, the flick only lasted a couple more weeks in theatres, given the boot after a cumulative four-and-a-half week run. Canning it entirely might have been the best move the studio made, though, because if nobody can remember the movie, then they probably won't remember the controversy either.

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