10 More Movies That Eerily Predicted Things In Real Life

These movies got future real-life events remarkably spot-on.

Contagion 2
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It's not uncommon for a movie to plant a seed very early on, foreshadowing a dramatic turn of events or jaw dropping twist that can later be discovered upon rewatching or casting your mind back to a certain sequence as the magic unfolds.

However, on more than a few occasions (as evidenced in the fact that this is something of a sequel article) a variety of different films have contained certain elements, storylines, or even just rather surreal monologues that ultimately predicted or foreshadowed future occurrences... in actual real-life.

Now, we're not for one minute suggesting those behind the following movies had any idea about what was about to unfold in reality as they were crafting the features in question, but you have to admit that some of these seemingly throwaway scenes and gags were spookily accurate in hindsight.

From giant domes hinting at a future in isolation, to cutting edge sci-fi absolutely nailing the way brands market their products in 2021, these movies may not have planned on getting the future pretty much bang on, but for the most part, they unbelievably managed to do just that.

10. The Crow - Brandon Lee's Death During Filming

Contagion 2

Unless you've been living under the rock for the last 25 years or so, you've likely stumbled upon the tragedy that was the making of Alex Proyas' The Crow.

Taking up the lead role of the titular character, Brandon Lee was on the receiving end of a dummy round shot out of a gun with the same force of a live round, whilst filming the scene involving his character being gunned down, and wound up being mortally wounded in the incident. He'd later pass away in hospital due to the severity of his injuries.

What makes this heart-breaking turn of events so eery, however, is the fact that Lee was playing a character who himself was shot and killed before going on to appear in the rest of the feature, despite being classed as deceased throughout.

In reality, this is also what sort of unfolded after Lee's untimely passing as the actor would go on to posthumously star in the dark fantasy hit in the wake of his real-life death.

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