10 More Movies Where People Died On Set

More instances where tragedy has struck while filming for the big screen.

Silence Liam Neeson
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As we have previously seen, Hollywood is no stranger to accidents and injuries. While we may have come a long way in recent years with regards to health, safety and general consideration for preventing bodily harm, this is still an industry that will always have shots and scenarios that carry an amount of risk no matter what protocols are in place.

Stunt teams, coordinators and even actors themselves will have their ideas combed through by safety professionals long before they step onto a set and it is now commonplace to have far more time spent planning a stunt rather than executing it. That isn't to say that someone losing their life while filming a movie has disappeared - even with all the regulation and legislation there are still fatalities.

As long as these spectacular shots are required by the industry and audiences, the professionals that devote their lives to performing and filming them will continue to risk life and limb to commit them to film.

So, again, we come to look at ten more times that people have lost their lives while shooting a movie.

10. Vampire In Brooklyn

Silence Liam Neeson

This 1995 Wes Craven comedy that starred Eddie Murphy in the main role as the blood-sucker who finds himself in modern-day New York was met with a lukewarm reception. Reviews were poor to middling and it barely managed to eke out a small profit at the box office.

While later interpretations have been kinder and it is considered a cult-classic by some, aside from Murphy's performance it was exactly as people expected - trying to play on the "fish out of water" trope and leaning heavily into satirising the vampire genre in general while arguably failing to do either successfully.

Arguments about its success as a motion picture aside, there was an accident on set during filming that cost a stunt performer their life. Sonja Davis was 32 years old when she took the job as Angela Bassett's stunt double for the film. When shooting a scene that involved a backwards fall of over 40 feet, she hit the airbag as intended but bounced out and suffered injuries that ended up killing her.

Her mother and siblings were on set that day and saw the accident happen. They ended up suing the film company over her death.


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