10 More Movies Where People Died On Set

9. Gone Fishin'

Silence Liam Neeson
Buena Vista

While Danny Glover and Joe Pesci had previously worked together in the Lethal Weapon series, even their combined efforts couldn't stop this 1997 comedy from flopping at the box office. Currently sporting an unenviable rating of 4% on Rotten Tomatoes and losing in excess of $30 million, you would be hard pressed to find much about this film to praise.

In addition, the real tragedy lies not in the financial books or the words of the critics but in the very real human cost that came during production. Since a large portion of the plot centres around the water, there were many scenes featuring boats and this is where tragedy struck.

While trying to capture a shot where one boat jumps off a ramp and lands between two others, it hit the ramp at the wrong angle and rolled. Striking the two vessels it was aiming to land between, it also impacted stunt performers and extras who were in the vicinity.

A number of people were injured and stuntwoman Janet Wilder lost her life when the vehicle landed on top of her.

Among the injured were her husband Scott and her father-in-law Glenn who also worked as stuntmen for the film.


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