10 More Sci-Fi Horror Movie Fates Worse Than Death

8. Cannibalized While Still Alive - The Platform

Life Ending
"When the chips are down... these civilized people? They'll eat each other."

Set in an enormous concrete tower, Spanish sci-fi horror The Platform is a dystopian triumph. An enormous banquet of food descends on a platform every day, stopping for a brief amount of time on every level, each of which houses two residents. Accordingly, those on the higher levels get the pick of the grub, while those below are left to pray that some food remains by the time the feast reaches them.

The residents are randomly swapped between the floors every month, waking up on a different floor with no warning. Protagonist Goreng soon discovers why being sent to the lower levels is a fate worse than death. Being faced with starvation brings out the darkest traits in people, highlighting the depraved depths that some will go to in order to survive. One might get lucky and be quickly killed in their sleep but Goreng is thrust head-first into the worst-case lower levels scenario.

Following their reassignment to level 171, Goreng awakes to find himself tied to his bed by cellmate Trimagasi. The twisted old man plans to use him as a human smorgasbord to sustain them both, eating carefully rationed strips of Goreng's flesh until they are hopefully restored to a higher level. While Goreng is eventually saved, this shudder-worthy fate would have been infinitely worse than a quick knife in the heart.

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